Sortable C4 Corvette Horsepower and Torque


I commonly see people looking for answers to questions about C4 Corvettes. They are not usually easy to find or all in one place so I wanted to answer them all here. I see things like what is the C4 Corvette horsepower what was the C4 Corvette Transmission? Here are some answers to those questions below in a sortable file. Also included are torque numbers.

Horsepower and torque are two important metrics for gauging the power of a vehicle. Torque is the force that a car engine exerts on the wheels when it is turning, while horsepower is an indication of how fast the engine can turn. One might assume that horsepower is more important than torque because it is related to speed, but in reality, both are important factors that should be considered when purchasing a car.

A car with a high horsepower rating does not necessarily mean that it will be faster than a car with a lower horsepower rating. It also depends on the weight and gearing of the car. The most important thing to remember is that torque is necessary to get a car moving from a standstill and maintain its speed. While both horsepower and torque are vital in determining how fast your car can go, they each play a different role in how quickly your car can accelerate. Horsepower takes into account how fast the engine can turn, while torque is how much force the engine exerts on the wheels.

Additional engine data, if interested your can click here L98 and here LT1.

Remember that old saying, torque wins races, horsepower sells cars. Early C4 horsepower numbers (L98) are low but the torque is high

How is horsepower calculated? The equation is – Torque x RPM / 5,252 = Horsepower

Drivetrain data

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