Store your Corvette for the winter?


Depending if your Corvette gets driven on a daily basis, or like mine, it just gets driven periodically. Then you might need to decide to put your baby in hibernation for the winter. If you live where I do (Colorado), there are the definite winter months but because there are nice days sprinkled here and there you have to decide whether to put your Corvette away for the winter or try to drive it when the temps go up.

Can you drive during the winter months?

Like I mentioned, in Colorado, there are nice days mixed in with bad days. For instance, today is February 3rd, 2023, and the high today in the Denver metro area is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. I could have definitely gone for a cruise today or taken the 85′ out for some errands. Actually, why didn’t I?

Also, are the roads clear enough to drive on? Again, here in the Denver metro area the snow usually, not all the time, melts between snows so that its safe to drive and not come across some slick roads.

Is there residual crap on the roads that might harm the undercarriage of you car? The Corvette body is made of fiberglass so no worries for rust but depending on your location different kinds of stuff is put on the roads in the winter. I salt is still used on the roads back east in the USA. That is bad for vehicles and the paint finish if left on the vehicle for too long. Here in Colorado they use mag-chloride on the roads. It can be bad for the finish on your paint job and eventually remove the clear coat that protects your paint job.

No to the first two questions but yes to the third? Storing for the winter might be your best bet.

Do you have covered storage?

I park my Corvette in the garage. It’s covered up rain or shine. So it’s easy to get out and cruise after the weather has been bad for a while. No need to brush or wipe off any left over crap from the last snow whatever comes down from the sky where you live.

If you have to remove a cover each time it might not be worth it to uncover just to drive for one day. Depends on how much work it is for you and whether you’re willing to do that every time.

Is your Corvette a garage queen?

Mine is no where near a garage queen. I bought it to drive and tinker with. I try to keep it looking as good as possible but it is in no way a show car. If I get a scratch or something here and there I really don’t let it bother me. If you’re like me, keep it available to drive anytime the urge hits you.

Also, other problems or issues may lurk out there in the world during the winter. Slick roads, falling branches, inexperienced drivers, unseeable shit someone has dropped on the road. You have to decide if its worth the risk or not.

Other items to consider for winter

Do you have a good car cover? If you store your car for long periods of time I suggest getting a cover. It keeps crap off the car and helps it stay clean. Just be careful if you store your car outside with a cover. There are countless stories of cars getting damaged in the wind by not having a correct or quality car cover.

Your battery may die. Mine dies periodically even with a relatively new battery, I just don’t drive it enough. Getting a trickle charger or using some kind of way to keep your battery in top working condition is something important to consider.

How leaky is your Corvette? Mine is super leaky around the roof and window areas. I’ve even replaced all the rubber in those areas’s and its still a problem. Something to consider. You might want to check for leaks and water getting into your cabin.

Will some small animals consider your car as a warm and protected place to live during the cold? If you drive frequently it’s not a problem. Leave it sits for the entire winter and it might be.

Might want to put in some gas stabilizer, especially if you store your car for a long time, like six months.


Lots of things to consider whether to decide to store your car for the winter. As I said I do not. I try to drive it as much as possible, even if its for just a few minutes on a nice weekend day. But it all depends on you, where you live, what you drive and possible issues in your area.

I hope this helps you with your decision.

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